The freezing temperature has never been an issue for people in Canada. Instead of escaping the cold weather, some take the plunge to have fun and enjoy versatile sports. Skiing is one popular activity they want to indulge in. Others consider it a sport, and for some, it’s a recreation.

Gliding on snow requires you to use a pair of objects for each leg. People love skiing as it develops more skills, and promotes physical fitness and gracefulness. Also, it allows you to experience the stunning mountain and attractive scenery.

Carving through snowy slopes: the thrill of skiing in Canada.
Carving through snowy slopes: the thrill of skiing in Canada.

Quick Facts about Skiing

As one of the most popular winter sports in the world, skiing has offered millions of people fun and enjoyment. Some even travel across the arctic region to experience skiing.

There are a lot of things about skiing that we don’t know. That’s why we compiled loads of interesting facts about it, as well as skiing in Canada. For sure, this will amaze you. Here are some facts that will get you more interested:

  • Skiing has been around for thousands of years — The Neolithic period of 6,000 BC is the period wherein people would travel in search of survival. A pair of skis was used to make travel in snow easier while searching for food and shelter.
  • Skiing is prominent around the world — People would consider skiing not only as a winter sport but also as a hobby. Ski resorts are found in almost 80 countries worldwide with millions of visitors all year round. Some highly-progressive countries even constructed indoor ski slopes.
  • The creation of the Canadian Ski Council is very relevant for skiing enthusiasts — Formed in 1997, the council represents 9 organizations from various Canadian ski states whose main goal is accessibility.
  • The Canadian Ski and Snowboard Industry has a vast number of participants — Canada has been a favourite place for skiing. Its wide areas have more than 19 million visitors per season.

History of Skiing in Canada

No wonder skiing has been a favourite outdoor activity in Canada with its amazing snow and mountains. Skiing reached Canada around 1,000 AS when Norse travellers established a community in North America. As a matter fact, skis have been used for more than 4,000 years ago and evolved as the years passed by.

On the other hand, Scandinavian miners in the 1800 used gliding shoes to travel on snow. This led to the start of the racing activity. In 1879, the first-ever Canadian skiing outing took off. It was led by A. Birch, a Norwegian who lives in Montreal.

He used a 3-meter pair of skis travelling from Montreal to Quebec. This has somehow made skiing relevant through published articles for the said journey. With this feat, skiing gained popularity in the country. Hence, the establishment of the first Canadian ski resort.

With the rise of competition, trail-blazing was then introduced. This attracted young enthusiasts to learn the sport. There is no doubt that skiing is innate in Canadian culture. Loads of ski resorts in Canada are everywhere. It’s not only an outdoor sport but a passion that circulated around the world.

The Best Ski Resorts Famous in Canada

Is there something with Canadian snow that keeps people from visiting its famous ski resorts? Its natural snow is perfect for skiing activity as well as its wide expanse. At the same time, the bigger mountains are the perfect place for lift competitions. You can try these top ski resorts:

1. The Whistler Blackcomb

2. Mont Tremblant

3. Lake Louise

4. Sunshine Village

5. Big White

6. Mount Norquay

7. Sun Peaks

8. Revelstoke

9. Fernie Alpine

10. Panorama Mountain Resort


The cold temperature won’t be an issue if you indulge yourself in fast-paced activities such as skiing. It promotes a healthy lifestyle as it helps you burn down calories. Also, it improves your flexibility and boosts your mood. What are you waiting for? It’s time to check on the ski resorts of your choice!